About Us

Blazing Eagle Enterprises, LLC.

We are a main stream online business avenue which brings valuable products and services to the online business world.  We provide new and experienced entrepreneurs and their personal online business in areas that they are struggling in.  We guide through our website existence multiple ways of introducing new income streams into their business, while providing learning, educational materials, products, and services.

We are Mainstreamed though multiple blogs and websites.  We are involved in many associated avenues including some such as: Social Media, Investing, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Resell Rights Programs and Products, Amazon, eBay, ClickBank, online trainings and many others.  We are associated with Joint Ventures and product lines, program lines, wholesales and resales and liquidators as well.  We are not just an online business as many would think. 

We have business avenues out of the online business and have main streamed many of the offline methods into systems that work very effectively as well.

We have been in business for almost 20 years leveraging both the offline business and the online business.  We have been successful and are proud of it. This success came from proper planning organizing and downright hard determination. 

We do not profess to be the best.  Our customers and clients set our standards high.  We are humbled by our clients because we started the same way. Confused, overwhelmed and over worked.

We wish you the best and sincerely try our hardest to provide you with the resources you need in your online business.

Jack Johns