The Box – Are You In The Box Built Around You 

The Box is the system in which we have been grounded in through life. The way we have been raised, our thought process, the false securities that we have developed mentally to keep order and sanity in our lives.

We have been raised in a society through government training and programming.

  1. Systematic schooling
  2. Go through school
  3. Go through College – go in debt
  4. Get a job at the bottom
  5. Get credit cards – get deeper in debt
  6. Get married – get deeper in debt
  7. Buy a House - get deeper in debt
  8. Work up the Corporate ladder
  9. Have kids – Start college funds
  10. Retire with Social Security and Pension

This sounds like 99% of everybody around us. That is because it is true. This is how nearly everybody lives his or her life today.   Every debt above mentioned is in the billions and billions of dollars and climbing higher every day. We are taught to live in structure and in debt.   This very brain thinking is the very reason we have subdued our creative thinking. We are programmed that we live in structure, live in debt and climb a ladder that is not there in today’s world. Corporations are going to temp agencies to get their manpower. The cost of living rising far above what the average two family can afford. The so-called American dream is not “Land of Opportunity” as it once was. It has become “The land of work hard on a time clock, go in debt, and at best barely survive through retirement”. 

That is the very reason why Online Businesses have boomed. Today’s cost of living cannot keep up with the rates of inflation. In fact the truth is they never did. 

If you can see what is happening here then the next question is how do you get out of the brainwashed system successfully? 

What I am going to tell you next you may not like.


Quit that way of thinking. You probably would not be even looking to change right now if you could afford your retirement, afford your children’s college fund, medical care, mortgage and Pension. You would have no reason to go out of that box if those needs were met. 

The truth is jobs are no longer secure, college has priced itself out of the equation and housing is not an investment. Jobs

Corporations changed the job securities that we once had back in the 80’s and now go through temp agencies or outsource the workforce for a cheaper price and often in locations that are not here. 

Schooling / College

College tuitions have gone up about 500% over the past 20 years. Our Children are getting student loans and going through college spending 1000’s of dollars to get out and either work minimal paying jobs or unemployed with 1000’s of dollars in debt. 


Told by our accountants and forefathers it is a sure investment that will make money. A house has almost a 15% maintenance cost annually. Constantly climbing taxes and you pay 3 times for the actual value of your home on a 30-year mortgage. The actual value in housing has only gone up .02% over the past 100 years. 

Medical Costs

Mandated medical costs that has been driven up through the medical reform, malpractices, and now the government is passing the buck for us to pay for it. 


The taxes we pay are placed on the middle class are to subdue the middle class to either climb out of the middle class into one of the other classes of life. . . lower or upper.   The margin between upper and middle class has been climbing for years while the margin for lower class has been climbing up into the lower middleclass category. So where do you think the majority of individuals are going to fall into. 


Everyone wants to live longer and we are genuinely in an era where that is happening. The medical industry makes millions on prolonging life instead of curing ailments. Government donates to prolong life out of our taxes to force taxes up and medical research receives millions for symptom relief not cures.

Jobs are being cut short after 20 to 30 years of service to destroy the retirement pensions that were once secure. Placing money into the stock exchange through managers and banks, they use your money and place minimal returns to you while they line their own pockets with the profits. Investments planned to give you an average 15% APR are only returning between 5-10% on average. 

All of these things are pointing to financial breakdown in the Country and people like in the days of the Great Depression are taking the dollar and placing it in their mattresses so to speak. The problem with this scenario is it will never compound anything more than a neck pain when you wake each morning. 

If you are like most people you are sickened by the infection that has plagued our society for probably 100 years now.

I know the information I am publishing here today is not positive but before a person can change and redesign himself or herself for success in the future, they need to know why they are making their choices to step out of the box.

Take the time today and make a list of why you want and desire to step out of that Box.

We will start the next step closer to getting out of the box next time.