4 Words and Yes They All Have A Meaning

 First the 4. . . Look at your keyboard. The Letter 4 is also the dollar sign.

Everybody that starts an Online Business is looking for that key and the CAP LOCK. You are most likely the same. You started through an email sign up and probably bought a product that was either not useful or the same stuff you have heard over and over again. That is why you are searching 4 help. That is probably how you found our site.

Well I can assure you of only 1 thing on our site. I can guarantee you that we are not complicated in our methods, our writings in our articles or even sometimes grammatically correct. We may even misspell a word or two.

We are: 

The Good ole fashioned KISS method.  We use this method here because that is what has gotten us where we are today.

K = Keep

I = It

S = Simple

S = Stupid 

No we are not going to Kiss you. We are not going tease you. we are not going to sell you, your email, address, or any other part of you.

What we will Do

We are going to give you reading materials for free. We are going to explain explicit details in the Online Business that not many share with you. The Good . . . The Bad. . .The indifferent.  What is your place in our website. . . TO LEARN. If you like our content. . .tell other struggling online business owners. If you learn from it. . . sign into our email list.

The Fact of Online Business

It is not easy.  If it were then There would be a great shortage of workers having to work in everyday jobs for a living. Online Business just like any Business takes work, commitment, money and talent. The only difference in an Online Business is that they are relatively cheaper than any brick and mortar store.

The Online Business is Work.  If you do not like challenges then stop and hit the x at the top right of your screen. Quit while you are ahead. There I just saved you your first 100 dollar nonsense purchase.  If you are still reading then you have some determination.  That is a Good thing.

An Online Business calls for some Commitment. Commitment in reading, learning things, writing things, selling things. So if you are not going to be committed. . . then again hit the x at the top right of your screen.  I just saved you your 2nd 100 dollar purchase.

If you want to make a dollar in an Online Business then you must understand the dollar in your business. Time equals money, money equals time. A simple math formula.

If you are new to the Online Business opportunities then you need to make sense out of the Online Business.

There is a format, there are tons of people selling what I am saying here right now and you are getting it for nothing. So if you take the time to make sense of the articles we publish here and put them into practical use everyday you will see change in your Online Business.

The very first thing that I am advising you is this. . . If you purchased a schooling program or a tuition at another site. . . you have a choice. Stick to it or block the brainwashing.  That is your choice.

Online Business Facts

Just like in the stock market your Online Business is in an ocean. . . 

The Online Business has a wealth to be made and many have succeeded.  The way to get there is not by buying all the items to get there. You need to learn and grow.  You will get a product of your own soon enough.  The biggest part of Failure in Online Business is someone with 500 dollars buys into a squeeze page for 197 dollars and has no clue what they purchased. Then they get an email to click here for the next big thing and it is another 49 dollar product or 197 dollar agony of time consuming bullshit that repeats the same stuff over and over again.

Here is the Fact. . . Diversify your assets just like the stock market. . . you need to be delivering diversity to your online business. Email marketing is not your only solution. PLR articles are not your priority. Writing ads are not your expertise.  There is a true method and in that method are steps. They all tell you that but then they sell sell and then resell.

Step 1.

Get a hosting provider - simple investment - learn it. 

Siteground is a good affordable place to start who have upgradas that are rather easy to follow through with as you grow your business. 

You will have to build a website at some point.  So simply get a hosting provider and invest your time into learning how to use it.  In order to learn it in detail you will probably have to read up on the programs and features that provider offers.

You do not have to get a business website. You can start this with a simple Blog. My personal advice is get a simple cheap website hosting provider. Do not go buy a domain buy a website hosting provider. They are rather cheap and give you a wide selection of tools. Start cheap and work into the bigger options as you out grow the smaller cheaper options.

Step 2.

Start writing - write - write - write - It does not have to fancy. . . it does not have to be special it just has to accurate, and understandable. DO NOT USE PLR Articles. DO NOT copy and paste. There are copyright infringements that could cost you your complete business. Write your articles. . . spend a half an hour and research what you chose to write about. Write at least a 350 word article. 

Why 350 words. . . you might ask? The reason is to get you comfortable. Organize the article you write. Value is in 350 words or more. Google uses the word count in its detailed search process for the ratings of your site. So give value and give plenty of information.

Why should you write? It is your business. . . 

You want to Brand who you are. . . what you stand for. . . etc. It is very important that you Brand yourself with your business.  Do not think for a second you are fooling anyone in using someone else. Come back to this site and you will see it grow and you will not see these articles published here somewhere else. If you do email me the url so I can fix the issue.

Step 3.

Start writing 10 ideas to go on everyday.  10 e-books. . . 10 chapter titles for it. . . 10 article titles. . . 10 something about your online business. This will help you expand your imagination and your creativity in your brain. The more you do it the more creative you are going to become with ideas, writing, and compiling information for the next facebook so to speak.

So now you have your first spark to start your Online Business in the right direction. You do not know where your online business is going yet and you do not know how to get it there but you have accomplished a great start for your first day.

If you did this article today then you are a success.  You do not always see a finish line but you are following the lines to lead to that finish line of success.