We started talking about the mindset on today’s society yesterday.  Breaking the viewpoint and the outlook you have on life and the consequences will astound you.  

Here are Some ideas to do to help open yourself up to new thinking. 


Meditations are sound methods of forcing relaxation.  Meditation helps with blood circulation and is an excellent way to reduce stress.  I am not going to go into spiritualism however, some of what they teach is quite valuable. Sitting in a relaxed room.  Taking one topic and having a deep moment of thinking on the topic.  The one thing about meditations that people think that is wrong is the time.  It does not take hours to meditate. 15 Minutes on a simple topic is all that someone needs sometimes.  There will be times that you may need more.  The best approach to meditation is one specific item. 

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  • Ebook – Book
  • Where or how do you want the book to start
  • What direction are you going to drive your readers?
  • What specifics did you want to make sure you bring out in the book?
  • What areas do you need to explore deeper to bring out the details better?


I can assure you most people are like me and If I had meditated on some of my purchasing when I first started my online business I seriously do not think I would have purchased half of what I have over the past 10 years. So, in the long run. . . Meditations help steer your mind, heart and body in the instinctively right direction. 

Meditating brings out clear thinking

We do not realize who we are.  We like spontaneity.  The impulse to react on something from instinct. The problem most of us have is we have a lot of clutter clouding our judgement.  The result is we become victims to our own bad decision making. 

Things to help assist in meditations

In short of the long...  meditating is a practice since biblical times.  Seeking and desiring the things we seem to not have has been a major player with achieving meditations effectively. Prayer and Witchcraft.  


Simply letting it all out to God. Churches to this day add many things in the church to help with these prayers and meditations.  Their focus is to assist people in being morally good.  They use candles, flowers, incense and other forms to bring an atmosphere of pleasure and relaxation.  

Witchcraft – Paganism

A Practice of ritualistic meditation. They focus on a specific achievement.  They prepare an alter and use candles, stones, incense, and many other items to follow through with the ritual they are wanting to achieve. 

Wow I went to both extremes here in humanism.  But there is a very important correlation between them. 


Candles are used in meditation to achieve a dim light that is not harsh on the eyes.  The candle fire is a flickering memorizing mind relaxer. It is commonly used today in almost every religion and cult. 


It is commonly used in meditation for aroma therapy.  The smell of flowers, or nice soothing smells. Some of the incenses that are used bring in an array of affects on the body and mind.  I am not going to go too much in detail, but the names of most incense can give the idea of what areas of the brain they affect.  

Quite Location

Most of us have an issue with finding a quiet place to do meditation.  I am one who makes a point of having me time before my children wake or anyone else.  I use that time to meditate.  Find your quiet place and a time you can use it. No Phone, No TV and nothing else. 

The effects of Good Meditation

It is proven that anything that we do will take up to 45 days to become a habit. So, to become effective I am going to say this is the magic number to use.  Each week will most certainly take you a step closer. Each week you will see things with a little bit more clarity.  It is not good to just use it in your business skills but use it at home in your personal life as well.  It can bring a lot of good vibes out of you toward the ones around you. 

These are just basics that can help you meditate.  These are not going to make you a master at anything. They will help assist you in your journey to be quite the quick thinker and positive reinforcer to the ones around you. 

Some helpful ways to promote your mind. The Miracle Brain System is a great program to help you in meditations focusing on business.  Here are some others that are good as well.

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