Business Building

Most People assume an Entrepreneur is an online business. This is far from the truth.  An Entrepreneur is a person who has dedicated his time and efforts to create a business. They are not an affiliation online.  However, they are seen more and more today as online marketers. 

This area we designed to cover the basics of Building a Business.  It is the single most important thing one person may choose to do in todays world.  It does not matter if that specific business is an online business or a brick and mortar business. This area will cover area’s that are basic business building criteria that every business will need.


 – In Building your business you will eventually come to across roads of dealings with accounting.  The accounting of a business becomes often more complex with the size of the business. When focusing on an online business model this can become extremely complex because of the multiple sources you may be pushing money into products, services and even trainings, and let’s not forget the monies coming in from multiple sources as well.  Customers, Amazon, Resell Rights, PLR, article writings, wholesale distributors, liquidators, and even resales.

This may all seem complicated and maybe even too much to take in if you are just starting.  This section is focused on the basics of understanding business accounting so that mistakes are not made. The wrong mistake money wise in your business can be the difference of Profits or bankrupt.

Business Credit –

This area is not to get your business credit, it is designed to help you understand when and how to go about deriving a business to develop that credit. This is essential so that you can build your business and not be removing money out of your own pockets to achieve the growth needed for your business.

This area is often not considered and leaves new businesses scrounging for credit at the last minutes and often leaving them with high interest loans and overpayments on interest fees.

Business Credit Cards –

We understand your business is vital to you.  Credit cards are probably one of the most used, especially in an online business.  The entrepreneur is challenged with purchases on almost everything he or she does.  The second biggest payment method online is using a credit card to make these purchases.  We have gathered suggestions, situations, hints tips and tricks to help you leverage your business in the future with the best credit cards you can possibly receive.

Business Planning –

If you are looking into a new business this is the core foundation that you will need for the first several weeks.  Learning how to plan, organize and even execute your business from the ground is essential.  It is vital to a business that the owner knows what they are getting themselves into.  If the foundation of your business is not securely planned and organized most likely that business will at minimal run into some hard to handle stumbling blocks.

Business to Business –

You will see this term used or B2B in other areas of the site. This is not a mistake.  When doing business there are times essential that you will have to use a business or service. This section was designed to help entrepreneurs on developing skills to get the most out of their business relationships when it comes to other businesses.

Online Business –

Online Business has a few other instrumental developments that a new entrepreneur is forced to face at some point when starting out.  The hardest correspondence in an online business is separating self and business.  When an online business is being erected the biggest stepping, stone is getting that first sale in each avenue that the business has launched.  This area is designed to prepare you for success. Unfortunately, when it comes to success there is often failures.  The online business is a learning curve for most new entrepreneurs.  The big dogs, Donald Trumps never give that one special ingredient to their success. They give you enough to prove it works, get you ambitious enough to buy and then often that one ingredient is left for you to figure out. This area is going to address these stresses and obstacles and assist you in the areas needed for that first sale.